We retreat, we fail. We overcome, we grow stronger.

In the hardest of times, we often find our greatest strengths. Some of which, we didn't know existed. We are challenged to follow one of two paths — retreat, sit back, and await whatever may come; or, we choose to dive in, create new solutions out of the dust, and emerge even stronger than before.

As an Executive Strategist and Professional EOS Implementer®, my primary goal is to help you choose the latter path. To walk alongside you and your leadership team. To focus on what matters most.

Your people, purpose, and profits — all in alignment.


I've recently joined a collaborative of other Professional EOS™ Implementers in Southern California. Visit our new site to learn more.

4 Ways I Can Help You Now

If you're a CEO, Founder, President or leadership team member, contact me, as I'd be honored to help your company during this time, on me...

  1. Hosting a 1-hour Team Building Session
  2. Putting Together a Team 'Rallying Cry'
  3. Creative Strategies to Retain People
  4. Becoming Rockstars at Remote Work

Book a time to talk. We can slate one of the above, discuss EOS, or talk about your challenges.

Let's Talk on Zoom

Working remotely is here to stay. Could your team use a little primer? If you still have folks not on video, share this...

8 Tips for Effective Remote Meetings

As an Executive Strategist, I work with select clients on their most challenging issues, helping them develop creative solutions to lead their companies and their people forward.

At Higher Traction™, I help leaders inspire their people to create a more purposeful and profitable business.

Visit HigherTraction.com

Zack Swire   Executive Strategist & Professional EOS Implementer®
626.641.9198   •   zack@swire.red   •   bio   •   linkedin.com/in/swire   •  highertraction.com

Coming Soon! Online mini-classes from SWIRE.

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